Wireless Controlled LED Drivers

Non-Isolated and Isolated drivers with on-board sub-giga and Wi-Fi wireless control systems. Constant output current LED drivers with output power up to 150W and IP20/IP65/IP67 protection grade.


Basic High & Low/Mid Power LED Drivers

Constant output current drivers with and without galvanic isolation, with output power up to 180W and generally with IP20/IP65/IP67 protection. These driver are very flexible and may be utilized independently or incorporated inside the luminaire, for industrial lighting applications, including factories, offices, warehouses, large indoor spaces, street lighting.


Ultra Efficient Drivers

The driver’s performance and reliabilty is one of the most underestimated and yet fundamental characteristics of a LED lighting system. Incorrect powering reduces the LED useful life to unacceptable minimum levels, negatively affecting the return on investment.



Systems & Controls

All our W-DRIVLED are equipped with wireless control features, with an integrated board that does not require any external box or a different form factor. LEDCOM International wireless controls operate at different frequencies, depending on the customer’s requirements and applications.



Real Smart City

CellLED is the ability to provide energy saving LED drivers to municipalities while, at the same time, building a future proof 5G mobile network for the Smart City.



Ultra Efficient LED Driver

The driver performance and reliability is one of the most underestimated and yet fundamental characteristic of a LED lighting system. Incorrect powering LED would reduce the LED useful life to unacceptable minimum levels, and the return on the investment, if any, would be negatively affected.


You don’t need an external device for remote controls. Within the same small form factor, we provide multiple wireless connectivity options. From 169MHz to LoRa / 868MHz, from ZigBee to Wi-Fi @ 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the customer can select the frequency band that best suits its applications.

Breakthrough Patented Technology

Our ‘Ledbuck’ topology improves performance vs traditional topologies, especially the output voltage range. ‘Onebuck’ is the first single-stage LED driver for high power applications.

Not Only Light

Our drivers directly communicate with sensors for smart city applications. Gas meter reading, car parking features and pollution detection are among the endless services provided by DrivLED in addition to a perfect lighting management.


From 40W to 180W our drivers require fewer electronic components since they are based on a modular platform. Due to their elevated efficiency they work at lower operating temperatures and this limits the stress on the components.


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