LEDCOM International awarded best start-up prize at “ChinItaly Innovation and Entrepreneurship” event

On Friday 28th October, 2016, LEDCOM International S.r.l. was awarded the first prize at the ChinItaly Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition event held at the Politecnico di Milano. A jury composed by numerous Politecnico professors, professors from Chinese and US universities and representatives of the International Technology Transfer Network, voted LEDCOM and its CellLED® project the best idea out of 10 international start-ups.
“This recognition means a lot to us”, stated Mauro Tosi, founder of LEDCOM, “particularly considering the quality of the jury and the start-ups involved”.


ChinItaly Challenge, the winners of the competition that brings the start-ups to China

ChinItaly Challenge, the entrepreneurial competition boosting ideas stemming from the collaboration between China and Italy, has issued its first verdict. LEDCOM International, a leading start-up in the field of lighting control gears, lighting wireless controls and smart city applications, passed the preliminary round. In addition to a cash prize, LEDCOM was awarded access to the competition semi-finals to be held in China. The competition is among the initiatives launched at the ‘innovation week’, held in Naples, during which has been signed an important agreement between Politecnico di Milano together with PoliHub and Tus-Holding Ltd, one of the largest incubators in the world, linked to the Beijing University.

Politecnico di Milano

LEDCOM International files patent for breakthrough dimmable power converter

LEDCOM International S.r.l. announced today the filing of its ‘WiLite’ technology patent application for an innovative dimmable power converter device.

A small size device that allows for the remote wireless regulation of any constant current device, if applied to the output of a fixed current LED driver it turns the driver into a dimmable device for LED lighting applications.

WiLite is far superior to the existing external dimmable solutions because it has a very compact form factor, it does not affect the input power factor and THD parameters of the system and therefore guarantees virtually-zero additionally power losses. In addition, since it’s placed at the output of an isolated LED driver, it can be easily and safely connected without adding any complexity to the luminaire and without altering any certification aspect.

With WiLite, any low-cost fixed-output LED driver can become dimmable and can be controlled via a remote wireless network, including any existing home Wi-Fi system, a smartphone or a tablet. “The WiLite solution does not require the LED driver to have a dimming interface such as DALI or 1-10V, allowing the luminaire manufacturer to create a much cheaper radio controlled system”, stated Silvio Vedani, LEDCOM’s CTO and WiLite main inventor. The system cost is also positively affected by WiLite positioning at the output of the driver, without requiring additional SPD systems or EMI filters.

Mauro Tosi, LEDCOM International founder, stated that “WiLite is another success in LEDCOM’s relentless search for the optimization in terms of costs and performances of the modern LED radio controlled lighting systems”.

LEDCOM International files patent for breakthrough LED driver technology

LEDCOM International S.r.l. is proud to announce a significant intellectual property milestone with the filing of its ‘Ledbuck’ technology patent application for ultra-efficient and reliable high power LED drivers.

Based on electronic design not previously employed in the lighting field, this technology overcome all the existing ‘Flyback’ and resonant LLC converters issues. It provides up to 96% power core efficiency even at relatively low output wattages in the range 80 – 160 Watts with an extremely wide output voltage range. In addition, the driver achieves higher reliability because of the small amount of components required, reduced voltage spikes across transistor junction and lower operating temperatures.

Electromagnetic interference parameters (EMI) are also improved, as the technology allows ‘continuous conduction mode’ (CCM) operations, considerably reducing the current RMS value.

“In addition to a smaller form factor”, states Silvio Vedani, LEDCOM’s Chief Technology Officer and main ‘Ledbuck’ inventor, “this solution allows for the utilization of lower cost ‘hysteretic’ controllers, both aspects reducing overall cost”.

“This patent is reaffirming LEDCOM’s determination to be at the forefront of lighting energy efficient technology development for both indoor and outdoor applications” stated Max Santi, LEDCOM’s CEO. Each driver based on the new ‘Ledbuck’ technology is also equipped with LEDCOM’s integrated wireless controls for remote management, requiring no additional external enclosures for the lights management.

LEDCOM International awarded funding from Regional ‘Research & Innovation’ Program

LEDCOM International S.r.l. is proud to announce the award of a € 600,000 7-year loan from the Regione Lombardia ‘Research & Innovation’ Program for the development of its CellLED® disruptive technology.

CellLED® is a LED driver for street lighting which, in addition to providing unparalleled energy saving for the municipality, aims at turning each lamppost into a micro cell for mobile traffic off-loading. Through CellLED®, the street lighting infrastructure becomes a pervasive, ultra-fast broadband mobile network available to all carriers, MNOs and MVNOs. At the same time, the CellLED® based network allows for the deployment of real smart city applications which the current narrow-band solutions will never be able to address.

“We are very pleased to be selected and trusted by our Regional Authority as one of the most promising and innovative companies in the eco-industrial environment” stated Mauro Tosi, founder of LEDCOM International and CellLED® visionary. “This collaboration is going to place Milan and its surrounding region at the forefront of the next mobile 5G revolution, while providing great benefits to the energy saving programs outlined by all the municipalities involved”.

LEDCOM International and Cefriel to start collaboration on advanced lighting technology

LEDCOM International and Cefriel will work together for the development of advanced lighting powering and management solutions.

Under the agreement, through the support of one of the most renowned centers of excellence for digital innovation, LEDCOM expects to further validate its technology and build on its vision for the future of lighting and communications.

“We are proud to be working in close contact with Cefriel and we are confident that this collaboration will be paramount for the development of LEDCOM’s most advanced solutions”, stated Massimo Santi, LEDCOM’s CEO.

Cristian Previtali, Cefriel’s Project Manager confirms: “Our mission is to support the growth and development of companies, such as LEDCOM, with a clear and ambitious vision for digital innovation, with particular reference to the emerging Internet of Things market of which lighting is a predominant part”.

About Cefriel

Cefriel is a not-for-profit digital innovation and design shop, based in Milan, Cincinnati and London. Since 1988, Cefriel has helped companies grow by exploiting digital technologies to create, rethink, or improve their processes, products, and services. Its clients have access to a team of 100+ talents with a unique mix of technical, design, and business competencies. Cefriel supports the entire innovation lifecycle: from injecting and discovering new ideas, to designing and developing prototypes and products, and bringing to the market the resulting solutions. Cefriel shareholders include Universities (Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Università degli Studi dell’Insubria), Public Administration (Lombardy Region), and leading multinational companies in ICT, Media sectors, and Energy.