Headquartered in Milan, Italy, LEDCOM International S.r.l. is one of the most innovative companies in the smart city and lighting business. Our main lines of products include high power LED drivers for industrial and street lighting applications. Whether isolated or non-isolated, they stand out in efficiency, reliability and remote controlling performance.


If you have ever purchased high power LED drivers for industrial or street lighting applications, you will know the difference a simple 1% efficiency improvement can make to energy saving. LEDCOM International drivers can reach 96% efficiency from 160W output power for Non-Isolated drivers and 94% for Isolated drivers, and always provide efficiency in excess of 90% even with lower output powers.


Power efficiency brings also lower operating temperatures, reducing stress on the electronic components. Add a lower number of components due to our new, innovative design and you will understand why we do not fear comparison with any other product on the market.


All our drivers can be equipped with wireless remote controls in the frequencies which best suit our customer’s request. You don’t need an additional box and you don’t need a larger form factor, installation cannot be easier.


At LEDCOM International we take pride in our combined lighting and telecommunications expertise. For us, controls are not only about remote dimming or virtual midnight applications. They are about enabling advanced new services for lighting or energy saving applications. Real CLO or DSR (Demand Side Response), for example, and many others including the collection of sensor or metering information through the LED driver itself.