The driver performance and reliability is one of the most underestimated and yet fundamental characteristic of a LED lighting system. Incorrect powering LED would reduce the LED useful life to unacceptable minimum levels, and the return on the investment, if any, would be negatively affected.

If you have ever purchased high power LED drivers for industrial or street lighting applications, you will know the difference a simple 1% efficiency improvement can make to energy saving.

LEDCOM International drivers can reach up to 96% efficiency from 84W output power in Class I drivers and 95% from 45W in Class II drivers, and always provide efficiency >90% even with lower output powers.

Power efficiency brings also lower operating temperatures, reducing stress on the electronic components. Add a lower number of components due to our new, innovative design and equipotential protection and you will understand why we do not fear comparison with any other brand.

All LEDCOM International drivers include an overvoltage protection system in common mode and in differential mode. In addition, all LEDCOM International drivers are equipped with an equipotential bonding in order to maintain different parts of the LED luminaire at the same potential: this avoids spiking electrostatic discharge between the luminaire and the LED module, a common situation in certain outdoor areas, with considerable reduction of potential module damages.

All our W-DRIVLED are equipped with wireless control features, with an integrated board that does not require any external box or a different form factor. Drivers with or without wireless control look exactly the same. LEDCOM International wireless controls operate at different frequencies, 169 MHz, 433 MHz, LoRa / 868 MHz and Wi-fi frequencies (2.4 GHz and above), depending on the customer’s requirements and applications. All frequencies provide controls for the lighting functionalities, but each of them features some specific characteristics for certain additional applications and services.

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