LEDCOM International a finalist in the IoMOBILITY AWARDS 2024 edition.

Milano, 19 March 2024. Ledcom International was a finalist in the IoMobility Awards 2024 edition, and its flagship project CellLED® was awarded the third best prize in the “Smart Roads” category.

These awards are dedicated to the entire Next Generation Mobility eco-system, which includes large Mobility Makers, SMEs and innovative start-ups aiming at making our roads and vehicles more modern and secure.

The exclusive event was held at the fascinating Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, and was joined by 160 italian and international guests including the Jury Committee, the presenters, the finalist candidates, partners, institutions, the media and many top players of the smart mobility industry.

Ledcom International would like to take this opportunity to thank all the organizers, and particularly extend our gratitude to Innovabilify and MGH7 Venture Capital, creators and main organizers of this excellent event, through which all the best national and international technologies, ideas and solutions are showcased, promoted and compared.

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