LEDCOM International awarded funding from Invitalia / Ministry for Economic Development (MISE) Smart & Start Program.

LEDCOM International is proud to announce the award of funding from Invitalia / Ministry for Economic Development (MISE) Smart & Start Program for the development of the CellLED ® technology, supporting and managing the new IoT services and the next 5G network.“For creative and very innovative companies like ours, it is important to be tangibly supported by the institutions” stated Mauro Tosi, Ledcom International’s Chairman & CEO and founder of the CellLED® project “and it is comforting to know that such important entities understand the potential of our projects”.CellLED® is based on an innovative street lighting LED driver which, in addition to providing extreme energy savings, turns each light point on the territory (lamp-posts, digital signage, etc.) into a micro-cell for the cellular traffic off-loading, creating therefore a new ultra-high speed and broadband mobile network infrastructure available to all virtual and non-virtual mobile carriers. This also allows for a reduction of electromagnetic pollution.The CellLED® network infrastructure is ideal for the provisioning of real smart city services like, for example, the management of autonomous vehicles, which narrow-band solution will never be able to support.

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