LEDCOM International files patent for breakthrough LED driver technology

LEDCOM International S.r.l. is proud to announce a significant intellectual property milestone with the filing of its ‘Ledbuck’ technology patent application for ultra-efficient and reliable high power LED drivers.

Based on electronic design not previously employed in the lighting field, this technology overcome all the existing ‘Flyback’ and resonant LLC converters issues. It provides up to 96% power core efficiency even at relatively low output wattages in the range 80 – 160 Watts with an extremely wide output voltage range. In addition, the driver achieves higher reliability because of the small amount of components required, reduced voltage spikes across transistor junction and lower operating temperatures.

Electromagnetic interference parameters (EMI) are also improved, as the technology allows ‘continuous conduction mode’ (CCM) operations, considerably reducing the current RMS value.

“In addition to a smaller form factor”, states Silvio Vedani, LEDCOM’s Chief Technology Officer and main ‘Ledbuck’ inventor, “this solution allows for the utilization of lower cost ‘hysteretic’ controllers, both aspects reducing overall cost”.

“This patent is reaffirming LEDCOM’s determination to be at the forefront of lighting energy efficient technology development for both indoor and outdoor applications” stated Max Santi, LEDCOM’s CEO. Each driver based on the new ‘Ledbuck’ technology is also equipped with LEDCOM’s integrated wireless controls for remote management, requiring no additional external enclosures for the lights management.

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