LEDCOM International files patent for breakthrough dimmable power converter

LEDCOM International S.r.l. announced today the filing of its ‘WiLite’ technology patent application for an innovative dimmable power converter device.

A small size device that allows for the remote wireless regulation of any constant current device, if applied to the output of a fixed current LED driver it turns the driver into a dimmable device for LED lighting applications.

WiLite is far superior to the existing external dimmable solutions because it has a very compact form factor, it does not affect the input power factor and THD parameters of the system and therefore guarantees virtually-zero additionally power losses. In addition, since it’s placed at the output of an isolated LED driver, it can be easily and safely connected without adding any complexity to the luminaire and without altering any certification aspect.

With WiLite, any low-cost fixed-output LED driver can become dimmable and can be controlled via a remote wireless network, including any existing home Wi-Fi system, a smartphone or a tablet. “The WiLite solution does not require the LED driver to have a dimming interface such as DALI or 1-10V, allowing the luminaire manufacturer to create a much cheaper radio controlled system”, stated Silvio Vedani, LEDCOM’s CTO and WiLite main inventor. The system cost is also positively affected by WiLite positioning at the output of the driver, without requiring additional SPD systems or EMI filters.

Mauro Tosi, LEDCOM International founder, stated that “WiLite is another success in LEDCOM’s relentless search for the optimization in terms of costs and performances of the modern LED radio controlled lighting systems”.

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