LEDCOM International granted two patents for the Russian market

Milan, 19 August and 28 September 2020 –

LEDCOM International is proud to announce that the Russian patent office issued patent n. 27322991 for Ledcom’s ‘WiLite’ Electronic Controller and patent n. 2730176 for Ledcom’s ‘Ledbuck’ Switching Converter Circuit, covering the entire Russian Federation territory.

Mauro Tosi, founder and CEO of LEDCOM, stated that “…this milestone follows the granting of the patents in the Italian, EU and US markets, encouraging LEDCOM to enthusiastically proceed with cost and performance optimization of modern radio-controlled LED lighting systems ”.

The ‘WiLite’ technology is applicable to innovative small size current-to-current converters. If connected to a static non-dimmerable LED driver output, these converters allow for the remote wireless dimmering of low-cost drivers. Given the driver’s low output current and voltage, other innovative applications are also possible through WiLite.

The ‘Ledbuck’ technology is particularly suitable for innovative two-stage power LED drivers, further reducing size and components while maintaining high energy efficiency and power factor, in addition to a very low Total Harmonic Distortion.

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