LEDCOM International joins the Pitch Night organized by Austin (USA) based accelerator Tech Ranch.

LEDCOM International was selected by the TECNOTERM Group as the technology partner for ALVAD s.r.l., company oriented to the development of a certified operating method with sanitizing systems for environments through LED or UV lamps and the production of hydrogen peroxide and ozone.

LEDCOM will ensure the best and most efficient utilization of the LED/UV lamps and will develop a centralized system for the remote monitoring and management of the correct H2O2 and O3 production and release, through IoT sensor that will also monitor temperature variations, humidity and air speed.

These controls will allow the environment to be cleaned and sanitized with the utmost safety even when people are present in the room.

Hopefully these technologies will be able to provide the world, especially business environments, with the necessary confidence to face the Covid-19 pandemia, in both static offices and on public and private transport”, stated Fabio Salierno, LEDCOM’s Sales and Business Development Director.

Thanks to their experience in the lighting and IoT sectors, and its strong collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, LEDCOM International is the ideal partner for this important challenge”, stated Stefano Anselmi, ALVAD and TECNOTERM’s CEO.

The first system prototype are expected to be ready by end of September 2020.

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