LEDCOM International @ LUMI Bologna 2019

LEDCOM International was among the exhibitors at LUMI Expo in Bologna, where it showcased its products and joined the panel and presenters at the workshop on ‘Smart Lighting Solutions’.

LUMI Expo’s workshops, panel discussions, presentations and networking facilities are designed to explore the numerous technology applications for the safety of the environment, highlighting their potential and development status.

Visitors were able to see LEDCOM International’s products and applications firsthand, particularly our energy saving solutions for street lighting and buildings, and understand how these same solutions can simultaneously provide smart city services like water, gas and power meter reading, parking management (smart parking), IoT sensor reading to detect environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, particulate emissions (outdoor) and access control, alarms, smoke detection (indoor).

Considerable attention was drawn by LEDCOM CEO’s presentations regarding CellLED®, a product still under development by LEDCOM, which aims at turning each urban light point into a 6G micro-cell to be utilized by the mobile carriers.

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