LEDCOM International mentioned in national newspapers “Repubblica” and “Il Tempo” as technology development partner of TECNOTERM/ALVAD

LEDCOM International was mentioned in two articles published in national dailies Repubblica (28.06.2020) and Il Tempo (30.06.2020) as main technology partner for ALVAD (TECNOTERM Group), the developer of innovative environment sanification products based on controlled photocatlysis.

LEDCOM International’s activity will include the design and engineerging of solutions for the remote control of the UV or LED UV lamp through external IoT sensor for temperature, humidity, air speed and ozone quantity variations.

These controls will allow for any closed environment to be safely disinfected and sanitized even when people are present in the area.

Read the article: https:// repubblica del 28giu2020

Read the article: https:// il tempo del 30giu2020

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