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ChinItaly Challenge, the winners of the competition that brings the start-ups to China

ChinItaly Challenge, the entrepreneurial competition boosting ideas stemming from the collaboration between China and Italy, has issued its first verdict. LEDCOM International, a leading start-up in the field of lighting control gears, lighting wireless controls and smart city applications, passed the preliminary round. In addition to a cash prize, LEDCOM was awarded access to the …

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LEDCOM International is exhibiting at ILLUMINOTRONICA 2016

LEDCOM International S.r.l. is exhibiting at ILLUMINOTRONICA 2016 at the booth of its partner STE Industries in the area ‘Start-Up e Innovazione’ – Pad. 5 – Padua, October 6th to 8th. Unveil LEDCOM’s wireless-controlled integrated smart LED drivers in an IoT environment application!

LEDCOM International files patent for breakthrough dimmable power converter

LEDCOM International S.r.l. announced today the filing of its ‘WiLite’ technology patent application for an innovative dimmable power converter device. A small size device that allows for the remote wireless regulation of any constant current device, if applied to the output of a fixed current LED driver it turns the driver into a dimmable device …

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LEDCOM International files patent for breakthrough LED driver technology

LEDCOM International S.r.l. is proud to announce a significant intellectual property milestone with the filing of its ‘Ledbuck’ technology patent application for ultra-efficient and reliable high power LED drivers. Based on electronic design not previously employed in the lighting field, this technology overcome all the existing ‘Flyback’ and resonant LLC converters issues. It provides up …

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LEDCOM International awarded funding from Regional ‘Research & Innovation’ Program

LEDCOM International S.r.l. is proud to announce the award of a € 600,000 7-year loan from the Regione Lombardia ‘Research & Innovation’ Program for the development of its CellLED® disruptive technology. CellLED® is a LED driver for street lighting which, in addition to providing unparalleled energy saving for the municipality, aims at turning each lamppost …

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LEDCOM International and Cefriel to start collaboration on advanced lighting technology

LEDCOM International and Cefriel will work together for the development of advanced lighting powering and management solutions. Under the agreement, through the support of one of the most renowned centers of excellence for digital innovation, LEDCOM expects to further validate its technology and build on its vision for the future of lighting and communications. “We …

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