Street Lighting Pilot Project in La Paz (Bolivia)

La Paz (Bolivia) 23 September 2022 – LEDCOM International has successfully installed and activated a pilot project with ultra-efficient LED street and pedestrian lights on one of the main routes in the city centre. The lights are equipped with LEDCOM drivers with and without wireless controls.
The activity involved the replacement of existing 400W (Metal Halide) street lamps with 180W LED lamps and existing 150W (Metal Halide) pedestrian lamps with 60W LED lamps.
The LEDCOM solution is based on innovative LED lamps equipped with a removable and insulated electronic-system box to facilitate maintenance and increase safety. LEDCOM’s drivers are ultra-efficient, together with the LED module the estimated savings in La Paz are between 60% and 75%, with a significant luminous flux increase. The project also included LEDCOM’s GIS based SW management system, “PoleNet”, equipped with modules for infrastructure inventory and remote network and equipment control.
We are grateful for the fundamental support provided by the local authorities in La Paz and the local partners Kraken, Serena and Ragos.

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